[Healeys] Phenolic spacers

Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 20:40:27 MDT 2017

I am reinstalling the H6 carbs after rebuilding them and I hope to wrap up
everything tomorrow. The Moss kit came with two phenolic spacers about 3/8"
thick that mount to the outer face of the carburetor bodies, assumedly
between the face and the air cleaners.

My car is a Le Mans and cold air box was mounted directly to the carbs
without any blocks. Using them would make it just that much more difficult
to get the cold air box and the hose and hose adaptor in place. It would
also result in the fuel bowl overflow tubes not reaching the grommeted
holes in the box.

What function do the blocks serve, are they normally found when CAB's are
mounted (as opposed to air cleaners) and if so what harm might be caused by
not using them?
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