[Healeys] No spark

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I should have said that the exhaust valve for #6 is closing and the intake is opening, for #1 to be at the firing point.I wrote my original email too quickly, and glibly!Anyway, I'm going to back up and go over it component by component.Thanks for your suggestions.

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Subject: [Healeys] No spark  Well, after all my work on the timing I thought I'd go for a drive this morning. I hadn't run the car since I started adjusting the timing, and it wouldn't start.I've got as far as determining that there's no spark, and I'm starting to eliminate the obvious, but I wonder if anyone can think of something that could have been disturbed while I was working on the timing.I did have the distributor out at one point, but it went back in the way it came out- I double checked that it was at #1 with  the valves for #6 closed, and the timing mark showing TDC. Weird.I will start with the coil and rotor, and go from there.  Stephen, BJ8  
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