[Healeys] No spark

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Sat Jun 3 14:56:44 MDT 2017

Check low voltage connection for grounding

Ira Erbs
1959 100-6
MKI engine and disc brakes
excuse typos and strange words my phone wants you to see.

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> Stephen... should be at #6 if #6 valvas are closed...compression stroke
> ..
> M
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> Well, after all my work on the timing I thought I'd go for a drive this
> morning. I hadn't run the car since I started adjusting the timing, and it
> wouldn't start.
> I've got as far as determining that there's no spark, and I'm starting to
> eliminate the obvious, but I wonder if anyone can think of something that
> could have been disturbed while I was working on the timing.
> I did have the distributor out at one point, but it went back in the way
> it came out- I double checked that it was at #1 with  the valves for #6
> closed, and the timing mark showing TDC. Weird.
> I will start with the coil and rotor, and go from there.
> Stephen, BJ8
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