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I have found out that the pulley circumference on the very early C-series engines is larger. It was changed soon after the first six-cylinder BMC cars were released on the market. The engine fitted to our car is within the first 1,000 C-series engines built and was supplied to the Donald Healey Motor Company for their attention.


Believe me I would have preferred to rebuild the original pump, but a new impeller could not be found. If someone has one I would be very interested.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn


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Very comprehensive article Simon!

I bought a new pump back in 1998 when the car was rebuilt. When it failed in 2013, I dug out the original pump and rebuilt it, following the Mike Salter instructions. 

I found a NOS bearing, and used a modern seal. The critical dimension is the impeller to body clearance of 20 thou. 



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Good idea, assuming it’s the press-on type.

Certainly, I’ve been led to believe that the County pumps are pretty awful and, when my pump started to play up, I went the rebuild route. Didn’t seem worth putting in a suspect part, especially one that is so vital.

Interestingly, when I was looking for pump bodies/pulleys that I could rebuild, I was given a couple by a friend. Both were County; he’s on his third now. 

I wrote an article for our local club….waste of print as few, if any, of them lift a spanner. However, I attach it herewith. You’ll see that I rely heavily on Mike Salter’s good offices ie for info and for parts.

NOS pumps go for a fortune over here, unless you get one for a Wolseley or Westie or the like. Then just swap the pulley. See article for more on that………but I’d guess both of you are pretty skilled at scavenging from those old BMC saloons that our American friends wouldn’t recognize if they were parked on their lawn!



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Hey Patrick, why don't you press the pulley off the old pump and reuse it on the new pump?

The only repro water pumps I've bought are the BJ8 ones. They have a pulley that just looks totally wrong. Too big & square sided.

Use the old one. 



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On 28 Feb. 2017, at 5:32 pm, Patrick & Caroline Quinn <p_cquinn at tpg.com.au> wrote:



Today the new six-cylinder water pump for the BN3 arrived from AH Spares.


I have noticed that the ‘within-the-groove’ circumference of the new pump is 11 ½ inches, while the ‘within-the-groove’ circumference of the old (original) pump is 14 inches.


Apart from the pump running a little faster I can’t see that it will make for any other differences.


Does anyone have a pump they can conveniently measure please? Plus any comments would be appreciated.


Many thanks


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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