[Healeys] Water Pump Pulley Circumference

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Tue Feb 28 03:12:09 MST 2017

I’ve got 2 rebuilt ones here. One of each type, both narrow. Both off 6
cylinder cars.

Early type            11&3/8”

Later type           10&3/4”

Not easy to measure though I did each a couple of times.

Comments? Good luck with a County pump!




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Today the new six-cylinder water pump for the BN3 arrived from AH Spares.


I have noticed that the ‘within-the-groove’ circumference of the new pump is
11 ½ inches, while the ‘within-the-groove’ circumference of the old
(original) pump is 14 inches.


Apart from the pump running a little faster I can’t see that it will make
for any other differences.


Does anyone have a pump they can conveniently measure please? Plus any
comments would be appreciated.


Many thanks


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains, Australia

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