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Thanks for the info, Len.  It has been my understanding (possibly inaccurate) that when the engines were painted accessories such as generator and starter were already installed and the whole thing was painted at the same time, including the fan belt.  If that was true, then it seems logical that the intake and exhaust manifolds would also have been installed and painted.  I would not think that an engine swap would matter since the replacement engine would have been painted the same as the original.


Those who are fortunate enough to be the original  (and still) owner of a Healey would probably have more knowledge about how the engine looked when new; but I also am the original (and still) owner of a 1969 Dodge Charger and I couldn't tell you such details because I didn't pay attention to them.


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When I purchased my 1967 BJ8 in 1970 with less than 15,000 miles on the odo, the intake manifold was devoid of any evidence of paint.  There was an engine / transmission swap at the factory before delivery as the original owner who lived in Spain did not want the overdrive.  Current engine number is 29K U H / 13793.  "This car was originally fitted with engine no. 29K RU H / 13594 with overdrive gearbox but this was changed before despatch from the factory".    (BL Heritage Limited certificate)   I do not know if the swap has any bearing on the painted or not painted issue.


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