[Healeys] Making wheel bearing shims

John Spaur jmsdarch at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 21 23:03:36 MDT 2017


I made the two on the left a long time ago. Not sure about the one on the
right. The one on the far left was cut with sharp scissors then placed
between two washers that were approximately the correct size for the I.D,
clamped in a vice and filed to fit.  I used two bronze washers to file the
O.D. I had a good shim to start with, possible the one on the right.
Probably used fine emery cloth to sand them a little. A little looseness in
the I.D. probably does not matter because it is clamped in place but they
are a very good fit. As for sanding them a little you are not going to lose
much thickness and, after all, you are shimming things get the correct end

John Spaur

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Is Moss just out of stock?  They're shown on their web page, item 121, part
numbers 263-1[4567]5.


I'd also be interested in hearing about any experiences making shims -
especially how they kept the edges flat.


Bob Haskell
AHCA 3000 MkI registrar

On 08/20/2017 01:44 AM, John Spaur wrote:
> Has anyone made the front axle stub wheel bearing shims? I have bought 
> them before but was curious about making them because you never know 
> what size shim will be needed during a bearing repack. Moreover, it 
> appears Moss has them for a BJ8 but not a MKII BT7.
> John Spaur
> San Jose, CA
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