[Healeys] Knock off hammer - aftermarket

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Sat Aug 12 18:31:35 MDT 2017

It may also strike the wing imparting depressions in it.  (But of course that could happen with any out of control mass on the end of a stick.)

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"What do people think about a 32 once rubber mallet ..."
I think the hammer will bounce off the knockoff and smite thee in      the face.  I haven't tried a dead blow, but in a pinch I used a      softwood block and a small sledgehammer to tighten a knockoff, and      it flattened and marred the ear of the knockoff, and I think a      dead blow might do the same.  
I'd stick with lead hammers (copper may be OK, but I haven't used      one and I believe copper is a bit harder than lead).
On 8/12/2017 2:45 PM, John Spaur wrote:
What do people think about a 32 once rubber          mallet versus a 45 once polyurethane dead blow hammer for          removing knockoffs?
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