[Healeys] tire pressure

Richard J. Hockert rjhco at att.net
Mon Oct 24 07:04:09 MDT 2016

The correct tire pressure will vary widely from car to car, depending on tire type and static weight distribution.

The correct method for determining proper tire pressure is as follows:

1. Use a soft white chalk to mark several vertical stripes across the tread and sidewall of each tire;
2. Drive the car hard, including tight turns;
3. Check the chalk marks. The marks should end at the knuckle where the tread and sidewall meet. Some tires have small triangles or arrows to mark the knuckle.
4. If the chalk remains on the tread, the pressure is too high. You are not using all of the tire. 
Chalk ends below knuckle, tire pressure is too low. The tire is rolling over too much.

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