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Hi Mike,

You don't say that you installed different sized tires from the
original so I'm assuming original.  These tires aren't much different
from those on VW Beetles in size.  I wouldn't start with lower
pressure in front than rear in a Healey.  That is what they did with
swing axle rear engined VWs to counter their tail heavy oversteer.
Healey weight distribution and suspension is very different.

So 25/25 if you want to run pressures that low.  I'd personally start
at 30/30 and go from there, observing and experimenting to find what
you like.  Higher pressure will mean easier steering to some extent,
and if you drive on curvy roads like I do you don't want to wear out
the outside edges of the tread before the center is worn.  I am sure
that there are other folks with more and better ideas.

BN2 (long time ago)
BJ7  (in a good home elsewhere, now)
BN1 (in restoration by me, now)  

On Sun, 23 Oct 2016 12:48:36 -0700, you wrote:

>Well, at the risk of starting a never-ending thread, what's the 
>consensus on tire pressure for my BJ8?  I will be doing mostly local 
>driving, certainly not racing (!), and will be setting them cold.  The 
>book says 20/25, which seems low to me.

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