[Healeys] list quiet

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Mon Oct 24 03:19:18 MDT 2016

Hi Guys, I feel I also need to chip in a bit here. This list has been a 
great resource for Healey lovers. And it goes back to a time when many 
like us all of a certain age were barely comfortable with the whole 
online experience. Yet we made many friends that otherwise we would have 
never known in far reaches of the world. It bought us together to talk 
about what we love. Yes we miss people like Rich Chrysler but would many 
of us have even known him if it wasn't for the list? I would also add 
Roger Moment who isn't mentioned much any more, I have had many 
conversations with him also in fact he would ring me for a chat rather 
than use the list. A guy on the other side of the world who wanted to 
chat about Healeys. How does that happen. What the list has done is open 
us all to the smaller world of the internet and many have kicking and 
screaming moved to social media like facebook, which is ok as long as 
you know how to use it and what to ignor. But I put this to you. Via 
this list I got to Know Steve Byers. He is in America, I am in 
Australia. Yet he put in a huge effort to secure a Nash Healey bonnet 
for me. Never seen him face to face, yet I ended up with a bonnet I had 
no hope of ever getting by myself. there are good people here, they are 
the value of this list.


Larry Varley


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