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I know that when I get to Australia I will have folks to meet face to face
 quaff a beer or three and possibly spend a night or two in a spare bedroom
because of this list. When I embarked on putting my car back together 8
years ago after taking it down to bare metal, I found people and resources
here. I have met a number of you in person and that is an extra treat. I
have sent parts ahead of payment and received parts the same way. I have
even found a few pieces of unabtainium from listers.
Cheers and thanks to all who contribute or ask questions or just lurk.

Ira Erbs
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On Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 2:19 AM, Larry Varley <varley at cosmos.net.au> wrote:

> Hi Guys, I feel I also need to chip in a bit here. This list has been a
> great resource for Healey lovers. And it goes back to a time when many like
> us all of a certain age were barely comfortable with the whole online
> experience. Yet we made many friends that otherwise we would have never
> known in far reaches of the world. It bought us together to talk about what
> we love. Yes we miss people like Rich Chrysler but would many of us have
> even known him if it wasn't for the list? I would also add Roger Moment who
> isn't mentioned much any more, I have had many conversations with him also
> in fact he would ring me for a chat rather than use the list. A guy on the
> other side of the world who wanted to chat about Healeys. How does that
> happen. What the list has done is open us all to the smaller world of the
> internet and many have kicking and screaming moved to social media like
> facebook, which is ok as long as you know how to use it and what to ignor.
> But I put this to you. Via this list I got to Know Steve Byers. He is in
> America, I am in Australia. Yet he put in a huge effort to secure a Nash
> Healey bonnet for me. Never seen him face to face, yet I ended up with a
> bonnet I had no hope of ever getting by myself. there are good people here,
> they are the value of this list.
> Cheers
> Larry Varley
> http://www.acmefluid.com.au/larry/
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