[Healeys] Looking for Trim Pieces

Curtis Arndt cnaarndt at gmail.com
Wed May 25 07:48:22 MDT 2016

Fellow Lister's

I'm in the process of finishing the trim on my  BN1 and need at least two
original "Hidem" strip chrome tips for the seat backs and the hood.

Attached are photos of four originals (top) and four of the reproductions
(bottom) currently offered.

[image: Inline image 1]

Hopefully someone has some straight originals that I can re-chrome.  Anyone
with one or more willing to sell to the cause please contact me off List.

Also, if anyone is considering a green interior for a BN1/BN2 I'm looking
for folks to go in with me on an order for the correct color and sheen of
green leather (it's the shinier finish I'm looking for versus the flat
finish.  I will take a five hide minimum order and one or slightly more
than one hide is required for a car.  So I'm looking for three more folks
to commit.


Curt Arndt
Carlsbad, CA
(769)-458-1926 cell
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