[Healeys] BMC A-Series Engine

Reinhart Rosner reinhart.rosner at aon.at
Thu May 19 14:00:14 MDT 2016

The Austin A35 from my stepdaughter is powered by a BMC a-series engine,
which is the same as in Sprites and Midgets. During a classic car event the
engine started to get noisy. So we shut it off and had it transported to the
workshop of a friend of mine. 


Still before the engine was opened he meant that it sounded as one of the
bearings on the crankshaft might have failed. And he told me that for the
948 cc engine new crankshafts are not available. 


Is that true? If not, where can I get one?


Thank you in advance,






Reinhart Rosner

55 100 BN 1

Vienna - Austria


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