[Healeys] BMC A-Series Engine

Per Schoerner per at schoerner.se
Thu May 19 16:35:35 MDT 2016

Are you sure it's a Sprite engine? As far as I know the A30/A35 were 
powered by the same type of engine, but a little smaller. The crankshaft 
is not the same, the bearing journals are a little smaller. Anyway, you 
should be able to grind it and use oversize bearings. But you need to 
take it apart and examine the damage first.

Best, Per

Den 2016-05-19 kl. 22:00, skrev Reinhart Rosner:
> The Austin A35 from my stepdaughter is powered by a BMC a-series engine,
> which is the same as in Sprites and Midgets. During a classic car event
> the engine started to get noisy. So we shut it off and had it
> transported to the workshop of a friend of mine.
> Still before the engine was opened he meant that it sounded as one of
> the bearings on the crankshaft might have failed. And he told me that
> for the 948 cc engine new crankshafts are not available.
> Is that true? If not, where can I get one?
> Thank you in advance,
> Reinhart
> Reinhart Rosner
> 55 100 BN 1
> Vienna - Austria

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