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Mike and Alan,

>From the Concours Guidelines...

Early fascias were of a two-piece design, with the raised instrument
cluster a second
piece that could be removed to get access to the back of the instruments. A
black plastic
welting, similar to the welting used between bumpers and over riders (but
taller) was used
between the instrument pod and main fascia panel. When installing, this
welting must be
carefully trimmed on the inside to clear the mounting lugs. The black
plastic welting is
spliced directly above the steering column.

Just use a long strip of the same rubber that goes between the bumpers and
the overriders.


AH Concours Registry

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 2:42 AM, Alan Seigrist <healey.nut at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hard to say, but mine doesn't have anything there
> On Thursday, 5 May 2016, Michael MacLean <rrengineer.mike at att.net> wrote:
>> I have an early two piece dash for my BN2.  I guess it's just to start
>> conversations at Healey meets.  I can hear it now, "hey, BN2s didn't have a
>> two piece dash!".
>> Well my question is what was used between the instrument pod and the dash
>> panel, or was anything at all used.  I have been told it was just screwed
>> directly to the dash panel and I have also heard it had a plastic/vinyl
>> protective strip kind of like the stuff that goes between the bumper and
>> the overriders.  I have looked in Austin Healey 100 in Detail and Roger
>> Moments restoration guide.  They both say what car s had the two piece
>> dash, but go into no detail.  Anyone have one of these really early cars
>> can tell me before I mar the paint on the dash panel?
>> Mike MacLean
>> 56 BN2
>> 60 AN5
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