[Healeys] That Elusive Screw

rrengineer.mike rrengineer.mike at att.net
Fri Jun 24 04:56:35 MDT 2016

Has anyone found a source for the screw for the shaft in the center of the windshield knurled nut?  The new windshield setup I bought for some reason came without the screw. I don't want to buy a new knurled nut and shaft to get two screws. The two screws that our friends in Stockton sent me are not the same thread as the hole in the shaft. The head on the screw also passes right through the hole in the knurled nut making it useless even if it did fit the threaded hole.  It might be my shaft has the wrong thread, but I would think not since it is a replacement part.  Can someone at least tell me what thread size that screw might be?Mike MacLean

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