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...similar on A70/A90 radiator

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There are three plates soldered to the radiator, the Coventry main plate, a round 5/8 dia. and a small rectangular plate 1/2 x 1 1/2. The smaller plates varied in location. On the top center is the part number pressing into the brass  AHB 8946 for BJ8  radiators.Reproduction radiators I do not think have this. Again very late BJ8 rads had only the round button, have this confirmed by two original owners and have a pic from one showing the round button in the same area as where the Coventry plate would have been. Sorry for the bad picture, the sun was shining almost perfect for that shot ! my 65 BJ8 awaiting its turn in my shop. Its turn finally happening  after an 8 year wait ...... hey customers first !!!!


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