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John Rowe jarowe at westnet.com.au
Mon Apr 4 08:27:37 MDT 2016

Hi Simon
How about a photo?

I use a twin screw bottle jack that was used in Holden sedan cars circa 
1958-9 and it works great for the 3000 as it is low when collapsed and 
will fit under the rear spring leave plate when the tyre is flat. Will 
also fit under the front lower wishbone.

John Rowe

On 4/04/2016 9:42 PM, Simon Lachlan wrote:
> I was footling around in the attic next door for the first time – a 
> recent purchase – and I found, amongst assorted treasures and junk, a 
> Lake & Elliot S411 15cwt twin screw jack. Quite a surprise. Now, this 
> thing isn’t worth an awful lot and it’s not Healey equipment....BUT, 
> it’s neat/compact and will stow away nicely in the boot, so I was 
> wondering if 15cwt (1,680 lbs) capacity is enough to safely lift a 
> corner of a 3000? Let’s say a front corner.
> I carry an adapted scissors jack and a twin screw jack that I borrowed 
> from the army some 30 years ago and which I have as yet forgotten to 
> return. I imagine they’ve stopped searching by now. This 15cwt jack is 
> a deal less chunky than the typically brutish thing from the army.
> Simon
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