[Healeys] Healey on ABC's "The Catch" March 31, 2016

Ron Mitchell healeyron at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 3 10:30:17 MDT 2016

MkII BN7's and BT7's are roadsters.  Vertical Grill bars are on the MkII's

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But it also had a roadster windshield frame as best I could see.  I was/am torn between MkI and MkII.  Other notations?  

On 04/03/16, healeyguy at aol.com wrote:

Did not watch the show but a review of the trailers shows the Austin Healey to be a MKll, vertical grill bars and larger badge on the front shroud.

From: Jim Lesher

at the beginning of the show, male star noted it was an early 3000. I forget which year he stated. but does anyone know the car? 

​From: healeyron at yahoo.com

i'm surprised no one has mentioned the appearance of the British Racing Green 100-6 or 3000 in the second episode of "The Catch" on ABC last night March 31st at 10:00PM. I didn't get a good look a the grille but the windshield identified it as either a 100-6 or MkI/MkII 3000. It was the star of the show for me. 

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