[Healeys] HD8 metering needles

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Gotta ask, why not just raise the jets a smidgen? 

Of course, everyone knows the sophisticated engine management software in Healeys only runs lean during emissions testing. 


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run down the highway at 60mph for 5-8 minutes. shut off engine and coast to the shoulder. Remove a couple plugs..say #1 and #6 and look to see if they are black/carboned up/ wet or are they dry/coffee w/cream color? Or find a shop with a gas analyzer who will check the exhaust gas at different rpm ranges.. I prefer the 1st way as the test is under normal loads... 

On 9/28/2015 7:00 PM, I Erbs wrote: 

Howdy all, 
I have HD 8 carbs on my BT 7 engine with +.40 pistons and a BJ8 cam grind. The car seems to run rich. I wanted to play with leaner needles and was wondering what ones to try? 

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Portland, OR 
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