[Healeys] Images - Source?

Bluehealey bluehealey at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 05:59:01 MDT 2015

Open message to JohnS and the list.


Hi John.

Your site is always one of my first 'go to' places when looking for Healey
data as it has become an encyclopaedia of all the good things from Donald.


I have been looking for an old website that I referred to some years ago  as
it had a timeline and some excellent images of all the Big Healeys and the
colour options that were available for each model.  I am unable to find it
but discover that you are using some excellent images that may have come
from the site I have in mind.  They are being used in your 'Registries'
section to illustrate the BN1, BN2, 100S, BN7, BT7 and the Metallic Gold
Beige BJ8.


This is the BN7:



Does the site still exist?  Would you have a link to it?


Many thanks for your help. 



Alan Bromfield

Modified BN4

Work in Progress AN5


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