[Healeys] Still leaking

David Porter frogeye at porterscustom.com
Thu Sep 3 12:41:56 MDT 2015

  The booster needs clean-ish straight vacuum from the manifold and I'd 
use a one way check valve as well.. though in actual use, if the 
crankcase is vented to the rear carb I have to admit the booster does 
already gets "dirty" air. If you are not venting to the carbs just run a 
longer hose down towards the ground to atmosphere. Though your OR 
environmentalists won't be happy.. ;-)

On 9/3/2015 11:58 AM, I Erbs wrote:
> filter on carb side or the tee. I have K&N filters and have not 
> modified for hose. I have a BJ8 intake manifold. Can I use the power 
> booster vacuum nipple to directly attach the hose with no pcv device?
> Ira Erbs
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> On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 6:57 AM, <warthodson at aol.com 
> <mailto:warthodson at aol.com>> wrote:
>     Is the original crankcase vent. system intact? Or has it been
>     modified in some way such as adding a PCV valve, adding a filter
>     in the vent. line, removing the vent line from the rear carb air
>     cleaner fitting?
>     Gary Hodson
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>     Ira,
>      check for excessive crankcase pressure.. "blow-by"
>     dave
>     On 9/2/2015 8:10 PM, I Erbs wrote:
>         Ok I have confirmed that oil is oozing up through the hole on
>         the bottom flange of the block!!!
>         It's dry under generator plate, dry around both manual furl
>         pump bolts. I saw the oil bubble up!
>         Wtf do I do now?  Bad sump gasket?????
>         Mr. Ira Erbs

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