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Well that’s interesting as I will be buying the oil for the BN3’s gearbox
this week. It is a 100S gearbox with a 22% OD that has been completely
rebuilt and apart from the oil used in the assembly it’s completely empty.


My 1968 BMC Workshop Manual (AKD 1179H) that I bought new in September 1974
for $7.00 states that the oil capacity for a side-shift gearbox fitted with
an OD is 6 ¼ imp pints, 7.5 US pints and 3.55 litres. I states the same for
a centre-shift box as well. So I will be buying a 4 litre container and
store what’s left over for the inevitable leaks.


Talking about leaks I was watching a Jay Leno video of his Daimler SP250
over the weekend and he made mention that all things over 50 or 60 years of
age are bound to leak.


Hoo Roo


Patrick Quinn

Blue Mountains



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Offhand, I'd believe the workshop manual first.  If you're doing a
drain-and-fill, you don't know for sure how much residual oil is left so you
have to go by the dipstick anyway.


On 5/24/2015 6:32 AM, Simon Lachlan wrote:


1)      My car’s Driver’s Handbook page 7, (AKD 3915A) tells me that:

my MkII BT7’s gearbox takes 5.75 imp pts (6.90 US pts) 

its overdrive takes 1.33 imp pts (1.75 US pts)


2)      My BMC Workshop Manual (AKD 1179D) tells me that:

gearbox               4.0 imp pts (4.80 US pts)

Total gearbox, overdrive fitted, 5.25 imp pts (6.30 US pts)


3)      My Haynes manual goes for:

Standard box:- 5 imp pts

With overdrive:- 6.25 pts              


4)      My Autopress manual (Kenneth Ball) goes for:

Standard box:- 5 imp pts

With overdrive:- 6.25 pts


ie only Haynes and Autopress agree.

I’ve had this Healey for +/- 20 years and I’ve never noticed these
discrepancies! I seem to have survived by using the dip stick, but I’d bet
that I’ve overfilled more than once.


Any ideas? I don’t recall this coming up before.....




(And I didn’t mention Redline once!)




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