[Healeys] Gearbox oil volume

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
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Thank you for your reply.

My curiosity is largely academic. I do tend to fill, dip, fill & dip until
it's right, but I would like to know where the official start line is!



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Offhand, I'd believe the workshop manual first.  If you're doing a
drain-and-fill, you don't know for sure how much residual oil is left so you
have to go by the dipstick anyway.


On 5/24/2015 6:32 AM, Simon Lachlan wrote:


1)      My car's Driver's Handbook page 7, (AKD 3915A) tells me that:

my MkII BT7's gearbox takes 5.75 imp pts (6.90 US pts) 

its overdrive takes 1.33 imp pts (1.75 US pts)


2)      My BMC Workshop Manual (AKD 1179D) tells me that:

gearbox               4.0 imp pts (4.80 US pts)

Total gearbox, overdrive fitted, 5.25 imp pts (6.30 US pts)


3)      My Haynes manual goes for:

Standard box:- 5 imp pts

With overdrive:- 6.25 pts              


4)      My Autopress manual (Kenneth Ball) goes for:

Standard box:- 5 imp pts

With overdrive:- 6.25 pts


ie only Haynes and Autopress agree.

I've had this Healey for +/- 20 years and I've never noticed these
discrepancies! I seem to have survived by using the dip stick, but I'd bet
that I've overfilled more than once.


Any ideas? I don't recall this coming up before.....




(And I didn't mention Redline once!)




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