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# 434 was maybe on the same boat. I gave the Heritage certificate to the new
owner but it said it too was brought in to SF in 1959, titled as a 1960
vehicle, and sold to unknown person. I bought in Kingsbury CA from owner 2
or 3.


I had one of those nice horn buttons too until I laid a trouble light too
close to it for a while. Not the dumbest thing I did to the car either, sad
to say. Jim W. MN.


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My #440 was built between 26-31 March 1959 and sent to San Francisco May of
1959. It was registered as a 1960.  While I have the original owners name, I
have been unable to track him down.  I am the 3rd owner; I bought it from
the estate of the 2nd owner.  The car stayed on the West Coast its entire
life until I brought it to KY in 2006. The only 100-6 part I have on it is
the horn button. I have a lot of documents on it but gaps exist in its
history.  For example I have some sense it is one of the first 10 BN7's
built and was subsequently sent with the other 9  to the US West Coast for
racing,  but I can't prove it.  I believe I have seen 2 or three other BN7
numbers lower than mine. 
 Anyone have any other history on these early BN7's?

Richard of KY
BN7 440


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> 440 is very low for a BN7.
> I've got BN6 854
> 3000 numbers started in in the 3624+ numbers, eh?
> On May 12, 2015, at 11:35 AM, Richard Collins wrote:
> > Any recollection what the VIN is/was?
> > 
> > Mine is #440
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Richard of KY
> > BN7 440
> > 
> > 
> >> 

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