[Healeys] Rear axle gasket question

Steve B. Gerow steveg at abrazosdata.com
Mon Jan 26 10:25:55 MST 2015

Some observations:
New Moss gasket - .014"
Old gasket originally coated with Hylomar, as removed from axle - .010"

.004" = copier paper

My axle is buttoned up with a new gasket and the rear rotor/caliper back in place or I'd try to do a science project here.

For a gasket thickness, perhaps if one were to bolt the assembly together without gasket and measure the gap with shims, then add .003" to that.

The new bearing, assembled with heat and cold per Tom Monaco's instructions, is a tight fit in the carrier and axle - IIRC the bearing depends on this more than the compression of the spacer, gasket, etc.

Steve Gerow
Altadena, CA

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>  I have not tried it but I doubt it. On the three axles I have actual
>  experience with the gasket needed to be Approx. 0.004" thick so that the
>  spacer met the specified tolerances in the workshop manual. The gaskets I
>  purchased were all approx. 0.010" thick. That would be a lot of squish. You
>  would have to squish it without the bearing spacer in place. Then remove
>  the axle & measure how much the spacer stood proud of the gasket. Then
>  reassemble everything, if it met spec. It seemed easier to just make a
>  gasket of the proper thickness.
>  Gary Hodson
>  From: Simon Lachlan <simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk>
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>  If you soaked the too big gaskets in, say, WD40, wouldn’t they compress
>  down to a proper size as you tightened up?
>  Just a thought..............
>  Simon

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