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One possible explanation for why the factory design included the clamping of the bearing might be that they could not rely entirely on the bearing manufacturer & the hub manufacturer to hold the tolerances required for a proper press fit of the bearing. If the bearing O.D. was a little under spec & the diameter of the recess in the hub was a little over spec. the bearing would be free to move about. Thus the clamping & the specification on the amount of clamping.
Gary Hodson 
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Kees wrote:

Ball/needle/roller bearings can only spin when the there is debris 
inside the bearing from e.g. a broken cage, balls/needles/rollers, diff 
that block the bearing causing the outer cage to turn. This happens 
mainly because people drive there cars until the bearing starts to break 
up, well into or beyond the rumbling stage.
I don’t think it’s that absolute. In my case it was a year-old bearing that spun with no apparent damage to the bearing other than having the outside buffed to a high sheen. The operation remains perfectly smooth.
Personally, I’m persuaded that the act of clamping the inside and outside, per the manual, is preferable to shrinking or driving or gluing the bearing in, leaving the spacer loose and hoping for the best.

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