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Thu Dec 31 13:01:55 MST 2015


In my original post from earlier this week I stated that my car seemed to
be wandering a bit at highway speeds and required a lot of
attention--seemingly more so than in the past--in order to keep the car in
the center of a lane.

In keeping with a number of suggestions I first went through the entire
steering system to see if I could find any looseness, worn bushings, loose
shock mounts, etc.  I was only able to tighten up the shock mounts a flat
or two--otherwise everything seemed tight.  I again checked the feel of the
steering, both with wheels up and on the ground and it still felt good with
just a slight resistance at center.

On a whim I decided to recheck my tire pressures--this time with the gauge
I use when I am racing--and I found that the tires were at 22 psi whereas
when I checked them last weekend with my cheap-ass gauge they were at 27-28
psi.  I carefully brought all tires up to 30 psi and took the car out for a
ride at highway speeds.  *The car tracked straight and I was actually able
to leave my hands off the wheel for periods of time.*

I guess the lesson here is to not cut any corners or assume anything.
Luckily I dropped all assumptions and went back to the beginning before I
started pulling things apart.

Thanks to all for the help and patience--Michael Oritt
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