[Healeys] Leak from rocker/valve cover

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Wed Dec 30 20:51:57 MST 2015

Hi Phil. I gave up on cork gaskets on tin rocker covers a long time ago. 
On my Healey I cleaned the gasket face on the rocker cover to remove all 
oil. I oiled the gasket face on the head liberally. ( that isn't the 
political use of the word, liberally I mean ) Then applied a very large 
bead of silicone sealant to the rocker cover gasket face, and least 1/4 
or ( 6mm if your so inclined). Sit the rocker cover on the head and 
install the hold down bolts. Tighten by hand until the silicone oozes 
out all the way round. Leave to cure overnight. Remove the rocker cover 
and trim back the silicone neatly. Refit the rocker cover and nip up the 
hold down bolts. My engine now collects dust rather than oil leaks, and 
you can remove a replace the cover without any problems.
Happy new year.
Larry Varley

On 31/12/2015 6:25 AM, Philip Fish (waitrose) wrote:
> Hi all,
> Six months ago I replaced the OE rocker/valve cover with one of the chrome type. I used a new cork gasket, which was fixed to the cover using some gasket sealant. I did not use any gasket sealant between the cork gasket and the head.
> Today I noticed oil leaking from the rear, right-hand side between the cover and the head. Any ideas on how to get a oil tight seal between the gasket and the head?
> Thanks
> Phil
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