[Healeys] Steering box leak

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Tue Dec 29 03:00:04 MST 2015

Hi, and hoping Christmas/New Year is going well,

Coincidentally, while the steering box oil thread reared its ugly head
again, I'd had to reinstall my trafficator head.

My car is a MkII BT7 with a non-adjustable steering column.

Anyhow - don't ask me how - I'd managed to cock up the wiring when I
installed it a couple of weeks ago. I got the wiring right this time. No

But, oil seeped out of the steering box while I was doing the wiring. It
cunningly overbalanced the cut down plastic box that I'd hoped to catch it
in and went all over the garage floor..AGAIN.

Is there a way to avoid the leakage without pulling the stator out and
replacing it with a bit of rod?

It's a question of the worst of two evils....which is worse? Getting the
wiring back down the tube or cleaning up the mess?

(And I've got the hardtop on the car and didn't want to have to take that
off in order to pull the tube out!)

This time, it's done. I'll clear up the mess AGAIN. (It's mostly on a
waterproof cloth that serves as a giant drip tray). And I'll fill up the box

Just so I can make it easier next time.................?


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