[Healeys] RE bj8 rear seat pans

carroll phillips bjcap at optonline.net
Mon Dec 28 18:44:46 MST 2015

I would  let soak in penatrant for a few days, use a wire brush and get 
99% of the crud off the threads, they are only 10-32 studs, they WILL 
break if heat is applied to break the nuts free. I work the nuts back 
and forth , re oil, let sit ect.  If they are that rusty, break em off 
and weld on new lengths of stud ( 10-32 bolt cut to length. Idea is to 
get them off to prevent that : )   chase threads , use new nuts, job 
well done . Seat vinyls easy to peel back and weld new stud. While you 
are there, if your vinyl strips are gone , chances the strings holding 
the seat to the pan are gone or rotting ( are they ????) The seats look 
much nicer when they are tied down correctly, thats another post.......
Carroll Phillips
Top Down
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