[Healeys] BJ8 Rear Seat Pans

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Dec 28 08:24:13 MST 2015

Thanks for the heads-up Steve. Sounds like lots of Kroil and maybe a little heat are called-for. 

How visible are the topside screws? Sounds almost like a worthwhile (premeditated) mod. My BJ8 is mostly original, but a Pertronix, spin-on oil filter adapter and the clutch slave cylinder bleeder extension have made life easier and, of course, they are fairly easily removed. 


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Two or three of the studs on both pans broke off the first time I tried to 
remove the nuts, so I'm one of those people who replaced the studs with the 
screws from above. For the nuts, I used "anchor nuts", which are riveted to 
the seat structure and provide some "float" to make inserting the screws 
easier. It only takes a minute to pull a seat pan for access to the fuel 
pumps (I have two), and I've found it also makes accessing the differential 
fill plug easier, as well as the fuel filter that I have located under the 
right seat near the pump. 

Steve Byers 
BJ8 Registry 
AHCA Delegate at Large 
Havelock, NC USA 

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