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Hey  Gary, some of those sentiments are a bit radical!!!

I have been riding on Lucas power for 49plus years and Joseph usually got me
home. Biggest issue was not the components but the quality and age of the
wiring insulation. I still remember the big fat collection of exposed copper
wires exiting the cockpit through the firewall grommet. Back in 1967 I
replaced wires basically one at a time with modern insulated wires to match
the  colour code as best possible. The bullet end fittings and soldering
were the hard bit. I was alerted to this problem when the wipers, lights and
horn all worked at the same time.

Another memory of the robust nature of Joseph and his many parts was I left
the cover off the battery in the BN.4 and had the trunk well loaded.
Cresting a hill on the NO.1 national hwy it all went black in the middle of
the night when at speed. Thinking quick I knew that the safety device was
the ON/OFF switch in the trunk. I isolated the battery and saw the offending
metal rod direct shorting out the battery, simple ,grab it and remove the
problem. The burn marks took weeks to disappear but as soon as I turn the
ON/OFF switch back on all Joseph's parts worked as per normal.

The biggest mod the 'Works" cars had was two circuits, ie left and right
hand side to lighting as accident damage was the most likely cause of blown
fuses from shorting out


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Yes, I agree. But that is how I feel about adding all these silly components
to a well maintained system. If the system is not in good condition then
adding fuses & relays & extra circuits to protect against various forms of
electrical failures is not a good approach. It would be better to spend the
time & money on restoring/repairing the original system. I will admit that
my primary objection is that about 80% of the "improved" wiring systems I
have seen were poorly executed, used poor or no wire color coding and left
many of the underlying problems uncorrected.

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