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I have a drivers side frame that has been slightly modified with a soft plastic window.  Years ago my father had a set that he used on his BN2. They needed new perspex so we got some Lexan and had it cut to the correct shape. Then heated it up in an oven and slowly shaped it. 

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No, that's the real deal. I suppose they were too expensive so Austin changed to the jury rigged crap we are all familiar with. They did say the change was made because these didn't allow the driver to use hand signals. Also getting the door open with these in place had to be a trick. I still want some.

Bill Lawrence


I once cut the rear and upper half off my BN.4 side screens and used the remaining standard frame to fit a one piece perspex screen that I cut to make a tighter fit in the soft top flap as I did regular 700 mile round trips ( back in 1960s when it was my daily driver )
I returned to the standard sidescreen layout because the one piece  was hot and could not be opened to cool, it was difficult to reply to police on those rare ocassion that sought my response and toll payment and car park payments were not possible. 

But they do look clean and modern and would look great at display days
PS My BJ.8 has sidescreens and suits the car!

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