[Healeys] Empty brake/clutch reservoir

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Thu Dec 3 17:45:34 MST 2015

Ive used White Post restorations several times to sleeve master or slave cylinders with excellent results, but have not tried them for a brake booster.  When my booster was on the fritz the only option were rebuild kits from an MG-C as I recall, which used the same or similar booster, but you have to cut the band off of the booster, the kits were very expensive, and results not guarenteed.  I ended up buying a PBR booster sevo from Australia amd have been very happy with it.  Had to make up new lines to and from it, whihc is easy, but its not a direct replacement.  If there are bette options today that great.  Pleas post how it works out.

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