[Healeys] Empty Brake/Clutch Reservoir

Price Lindsay 050.rpl at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 06:36:04 MST 2015

Looks like it is the brake booster. I have it out and ready for repair/replacement. I received a referral to use White Post Restorations out of White Post, VA.  Has anyone used this company for replacing their servo booster?

Price Lindsay
67 BJ8

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> On Nov 30, 2015, at 3:37 PM, R. Price Lindsay <050.rpl at gmail.com> wrote:
> I’ve looked through the archives and can’t find anything quite like this.  I see where fluid escapes from the brake side of the reservoir or the clutch side; but not both.
> I drove my BJ8 to Gettysburg from FL this summer without incidence of brake issues.  The brakes were strong and responsive.  Since then I have driven it very little (it’s HOT in FL in July, August and September).  I took the car to a local car show a week or two ago and everything was fine.  I got in the car last night and the brake petal went down and inch or so before engaging with a strong petal.  I looked at the fluid level and both the brake side and clutch side were virtually empty.  I noticed that the reservoir cap was not seated correctly, which is odd and the cap on the radiator was also loose, odder yet.  There is no sign of spillage in the engine bay nor on the floor.  
> Can a loose reservoir cap cause most all of the fluid to escape from both the brake side as well as the clutch?  
> Price Lindsay
> 67 BJ8

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