[Healeys] Girling Brake Servo Rebuild

R. Cobb rcobb at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 17 12:50:35 MDT 2015

In anticipation of rebuilding my Girling Servo (I did it successfully 
30+ years ago), and after reading some archival tips (going as far back 
as the early 1990's), I have ordered the dry film lube from Sandstrom.

Their #26A product has evolved to the current #28A formulation.  The 
data sheet for the dry film lube indicates the following directives:

"Application on aluminum and aluminum alloys. Pre-clean the aluminum 
surface with aliphatic naphtha or any other EPA compliant cleaner that 
sufficiently cleans surfaces to pass ASTM F22. Sulfuric acid anodize IAW 
MIL-A-8625 and seal the surface."

Sandstrom's tech support director has been out all week at an industry 
conference, so I've not been able to determine if, given the application 
in question, the involved protocol is essential.

Any input from others who have successfully used this, or its 
predecessor, product, regarding surface preparation?

By the way, when I spoke with sales and indicated I was interested in 
using their product in relation to the restoration of a vintage British 
auto, the salesperson said, "Oh, an Austin-Healey?"

Thanks in advance.


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