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Was just reading this thread on 3rd brake lights on MGBs: 
 http://www.mgexp.com/phorum/read.php?1,2525482,page=1  What stands out is how
many posters had been rear-ended.  And it's not that clear that a 3rd brake
light gives much protection against the truly distracted clueless driver,
which seems to be on the rise.


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Ugh. Glad your
friend was not too badly hurt (neck soreness may show up later).
Unfortunately, the rear-ender is probably the hardest accident to avoid, no
matter how diligent and defensive your driving. 

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A friend of mine in Pittsburgh was rearended while driving his freshly
restored E-Type FHC 2+2. Car is badly damaged and he suffered a broken wrist
and lots of bruses. 

The guy who hit him is thought to have been "high". This
goes to show us how we must be AWARE of others all the time while driving our


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