[Healeys] LBC wreck

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Fri Nov 22 10:10:37 MST 2013

Ugh. Glad your friend was not too badly hurt (neck soreness may show up later). 

Unfortunately, the rear-ender is probably the hardest accident to avoid, no matter how diligent and defensive your driving. The idiots in front and abeam will often signal their incompetency/intentions with 'body language'--my favorite is the guy who turns on his blinker after he's drifted halfway into your lane already--but, no matter how often you 'check six' there usually isn't enough time and/or 'outs' to avoid these. I've lived in the SF Bay Area for 30+ years and have been rear-ended at least 6 times (I've lost track). 

In a perverse way--and I hate being tailgated as much as anybody--the guy who's riding your ass is probably less of a threat because he's paying attention and ready to slow if necessary. It's the people sitting a couple car-lengths back checking their smartphone who don't realize the closing time is a second or two who scare me the most. 


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A friend of mine in Pittsburgh was rearended while driving his freshly restored E-Type FHC 2+2. Car is badly damaged and he suffered a broken wrist and lots of bruses. 

The guy who hit him is thought to have been "high". This goes to show us how we must be AWARE of others all the time while driving our toys. 



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