[Healeys] 100K Healey on Ebay

I Erbs eyera3000 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 15:26:09 MST 2013

Congrats Ed,
I have no intention of selling my car and yes my sons can sort it out. i
just want to be able to replace it should it get stolen or wrecked. After
almost 40 years of ownership, I expect quite a few more years of bugs in my

Ira Erbs
Portland, OR
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     (______ \____1960 BT7____/ _______)

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Earl Kagna <kags at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Gentlemen:
> Very interesting discussion!  As the owner of a very late (42845), very
> recently fully restored  Golden Beige Metallic BJ8 ( owned 33 years), I
> feel I am in a position to comment.  We attempted to stay very original
> appearing with this restoration, although many unobtrusive changes were
> made - Smitty Toyota 5-speed conversion, 123 ignition (installed in a 25D
> Lucas distributor for appearance reasons), chrome 72 spoke wire wheels, Udo
> Putske's Bilstein shock conversion set, free pivoting Noltec urethane
> suspension bushings throughout, etc. etc.
> Incidentally, I used Martin McGreggor door seals, which have a flap rather
> than a bulb, and I can attest that they are far superior to the originals -
> end of statement.  Hard to tell at a casual glance, but a close inspection
> will give it away.  Those who have used this door seal will understand what
> I mean.
> I now have approx. 3K miles on the car over the summer, and have been able
> to sort out most of the post restoration problems (it's been fun!).  Still
> a few things to be sorted over the winter.  Of course, one of the first
> things done as soon as the car was on the road was to have it appraised by
> a local well qualified collector car specialist appraiser whose enjoys a
> good relationship with the people at our provincially operated auto
> insurer, and who has closely watched the collector car market for many,
> many years.  In fact, the fellow kept track of the car during the
> restoration, with interim appraisals that reflected the increasing value as
> it was being built, in case of a loss during construction.  This was done
> in the light of rapidly rising values of gold BJ8's during the time period.
> The appraised value is well over $100K - approaching the current auction
> prices for gold BJ8's.  I would venture a guess that this car is better in
> some ways than the usual gold auction BJ8, given the heritage certificate
> proof that it was originally GBM with black trim, and that the car's
> structure is very original - very minimal rust repair / body work.
> Could I sell the car for it's appraised value - not very likely.  One has
> to take the auction prices with a bit of a grain of salt, although they do
> indicate market trends.  I restored the car with the intent of using it
> until I am no longer able to do so, so it will get some wear and tear -
> that's alright with me.  Let my heirs worry about it's value later.
> But as to Ira's original enquiry, yes - very good BJ8's, especially - it
> seems - the gold cars are bringing in the vicinity of 100K - usually more.
> Will that continue, who knows.  Meantime, we should all enjoy these cars
> for what they are.  I know I am!
> Earl Kagna
> Victoria, B.C.
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