[Healeys] 100K Healey on Ebay

Earl Kagna kags at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 11 11:51:54 MST 2013


Very interesting discussion!  As the owner of a very late (42845), very 
recently fully restored  Golden Beige Metallic BJ8 ( owned 33 years), I feel 
I am in a position to comment.  We attempted to stay very original appearing 
with this restoration, although many unobtrusive changes were made - Smitty 
Toyota 5-speed conversion, 123 ignition (installed in a 25D Lucas 
distributor for appearance reasons), chrome 72 spoke wire wheels, Udo 
Putske's Bilstein shock conversion set, free pivoting Noltec urethane 
suspension bushings throughout, etc. etc.

Incidentally, I used Martin McGreggor door seals, which have a flap rather 
than a bulb, and I can attest that they are far superior to the originals - 
end of statement.  Hard to tell at a casual glance, but a close inspection 
will give it away.  Those who have used this door seal will understand what 
I mean.

I now have approx. 3K miles on the car over the summer, and have been able 
to sort out most of the post restoration problems (it's been fun!).  Still a 
few things to be sorted over the winter.  Of course, one of the first things 
done as soon as the car was on the road was to have it appraised by a local 
well qualified collector car specialist appraiser whose enjoys a good 
relationship with the people at our provincially operated auto insurer, and 
who has closely watched the collector car market for many, many years.  In 
fact, the fellow kept track of the car during the restoration, with interim 
appraisals that reflected the increasing value as it was being built, in 
case of a loss during construction.  This was done in the light of rapidly 
rising values of gold BJ8's during the time period.

The appraised value is well over $100K - approaching the current auction 
prices for gold BJ8's.  I would venture a guess that this car is better in 
some ways than the usual gold auction BJ8, given the heritage certificate 
proof that it was originally GBM with black trim, and that the car's 
structure is very original - very minimal rust repair / body work.

Could I sell the car for it's appraised value - not very likely.  One has to 
take the auction prices with a bit of a grain of salt, although they do 
indicate market trends.  I restored the car with the intent of using it 
until I am no longer able to do so, so it will get some wear and tear - 
that's alright with me.  Let my heirs worry about it's value later.

But as to Ira's original enquiry, yes - very good BJ8's, especially - it 
seems - the gold cars are bringing in the vicinity of 100K - usually more. 
Will that continue, who knows.  Meantime, we should all enjoy these cars for 
what they are.  I know I am!

Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb 

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