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Jean, I don't see any close-up photos of the serial number (VIN) plate
shown, but if you are referring to the shape of the plate that can be seen
in the engine bay photo, BJ8s from about HBJ8L/40xxx got the type of plate
shown in this car (rounded ends, rather than rectangular as the earlier
plate was).  As with so many such detail changes from the factory, the VIN
plate shape change point is not exact.

Yes, 41590 was one of the original 553 (not 551) Metallic Golden Beige cars.
By the way, all 553 were NOT built in 1967 ("the last year of production").
The very first one left the factory in 1965.  The second one was a show car
at Earls Court in late '66 a few months before production actually started
in Feb 67.  The question is, though, is THIS car 41590?  There are so many
cars out there now with identity plates from other cars that it's hard to
tell for sure with so little information given.  A few more serial numbers
would help to establish whether this car is what is claims to be.

My information is that 41590 was once wrecked and bought back from State
Farm sometime between 1976 and 1984.  It is out of Missouri (three owners of
record there) and was also once painted orange.  It would appear that some
restorers of high-quality/high dollar cars are not particularly interested
in Concours, but in restoring the cars to a configuration that they believe
will appeal most to the public at large and bring in the most profit.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA National Delegate
Havelock, NC  USA

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More than the items that are not "correct" according to the Concours Guide,
although in all fairness it is not advertised as such, the serial number
is certainly not what you would normally find on a BJ8. So the question is,
this a BJ8 that really was originally Golden Beige.

No matter what, I would be hesitant to purchase a vehicle like this, no
who restored it,  without seeing it in person or having someone with
of these cars inpect it in person.


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