[Healeys] Camshaft/crank sprockets

Elton Schulz eschulz at frontiernet.net
Thu Nov 7 20:54:21 MST 2013

Fellow Listers,
As a novice, I need some help. I'm reassembling my 3000 engine and I am 
puzzled as how to align the camshaft sprocket with the crank. The 
workshop manual says "set the crankshaft and camshaft with the keyways 
approx. at TDC when seen from the front." I assume that means having the 
keyways on both shafts pointing straight up. It seems to me that this is 
an imprecise way of aligning both shafts. For example, there are no 
dimples on either of my sprockets to align with each other like on an MG 
Could you instruct me on how this should be done?
Thanks in advance,
BJ7 in progress

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