[Healeys] Eagle Low Drag E-type Coupe

Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Thu Nov 7 20:13:47 MST 2013

I am in the camp that thinks the series one e-type is one of the most
beautiful cars if not the most beautiful ever made, I am a little befuddled
by the difference in price between the roadster and convertible, of course
the price always rises just a little faster than my disposable income and
assets, and I have always been smart enough (just barely) to follow the old
adage about no such thing as a cheap jaguar, but have come really close to
pulling the trigger on a couple needy projects.

As Mr. Felts points out, I am not the only one in the camp of people who
thinks the e-type is very sexy and seductive.

I have met a few people over the years who don't like the looks of them or
are indifferent, Kees is certainly not the only one, but I am always amazed
when I see one (or a big Healey for that matter) driving around among the
modern anonoboxes that there are people who don't stop what they are doing
and stare, I am just too much of a car guy to comprehend having something
like that go by and not stealing a long, lingering look.

Greg Lemon

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