[Healeys] Steel wheels again

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I have used a product on a number of stubborn rust problems on different parts and swear by evapo-rust. 


This stuff converts the rust back to steel and does a great job.  I have taken totally rusted out items and soaked them in the solution and they come out real clean.

Mike B
59 BT7

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I've used similar 'rust converters/encapsulators,' but they always turn any rust black (they go on clear). They do a good job of sealing, though. 

Most metal preps I've seen are a mild phosphoric acid, which creates a very thin coat of iron phosphate on the surface (chemically, not a whole lot different than anodizing). We used metal prep on the BN2 and, surprising to me, it turned the steel parts a golden color. 


Bob Spidell - San Jose, CA 

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Bob, I have had great success with a product that used to be called 
Corroless, but now that it's sold by Eastwood it's called Rust Encapsulator. 
Once the surface is properly cleaned, treated with metal prep solution, and 
painted with Corroless/Encapsulator, I have never had much of a problem with 
re-rusting. I can't verify that Encapsulator is chemically identical to 
Corroless, but it works pretty much as well. It comes in a rattle can or 
quart/gallon and can be used as a primer or a topcoat. 

Steve Byers 
BJ8 Registry 
Havelock, NC USA 

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