[Healeys] Steel wheels again

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Thu May 2 10:46:17 MDT 2013

<< On 5/2/2013 9:35 AM, m.brouillette at comcast.net wrote:

I have used a product on a number of stubborn rust problems on different parts
and swear by evapo-rust. >>

Haven't used it in awhile Mike, but I too liked it quite well.

Personally, the BEST results to date on any LBC wheel has been Blasting with Skat-Magic
from Tip Tools at around 20 psi and staying AWAY from thew wheel so as to not ADD pits
<G> <F> <G> ! !

Then immediate rinse (drowning) with either Touelen, laq. thinner or Hog Wash Brake
Cleaner (UN-real 'clean'), let dry overnite and spray with (now) a Permatex (Item # 81849)
Product "79 DA"   "Rust Treatment" in a couple LITE coats & let dry 26 to 48 hours
dependant on the 'results' I am seeing.  Stuff reacts to rust ONLY by turning black even
to a feathered edge <G> ! !  Rest of Item being treated STAYS blasted finish 'colour'.

Permatex bought it from org. discoverer/manufacturer about 15 - 18 years ago and even
KEPT can colour and top labeling ! ? !

I have done both epoxy prime/topcoat and topcoat only.  The wheels I still see still look
great after 6 to 8 years.

I did a set of MGTD wheels a couple years ago of the riveted variety 
'spacing' of center/rim is apparent.  For those, pre-Spray was a flood 
brush on + spray &
LOTS more sanding ! ! ! <groan> !

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PS:  I got the wheel 'colour' mails a bit too late to answer but I 
would have to question the
changing of colours from WW (Ford Argent Silver was best I have last 
colour to a different Steel Wheel colour ? ? ?
PPS:  FoMoCo Argent Silver is "Concours Correct" for Sprites, IIRC ? ! ?
PPPS:  Curt ???   Gary ???

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