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Bob, I have had great success with a product that used to be called
Corroless, but now that it's sold by Eastwood it's called Rust Encapsulator.
Once the surface is properly cleaned, treated with metal prep solution, and
painted with Corroless/Encapsulator, I have never had much of a problem with
re-rusting.  I can't verify that Encapsulator is chemically identical to
Corroless, but it works pretty much as well.  It comes in a rattle can or
quart/gallon and can be used as a primer or a topcoat.

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I don't know what is period correct, but do know that most primers are quite
porous and will not prevent rust.  Only the catalyzed, epoxy-type primers
(supposedly) can prevent rust; other primers have to be painted with a
finish coat in just a day or two or you risk rusting.  Anything out of a can
will likely not prevent rust.


On 5/2/2013 5:37 AM, Paul Leeks wrote:
> Hi all
> Having had my wheels sand-blasted, I'm about to prime them ahead of 
> painting them.
> Am I right to assume that I should prime every surface (front, back 
> and inside tyre) to protect from rust, but only need to paint front 
> and back with the final coat?
> Many thanks as always
> Paul Leeks
> BN4

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