[Healeys] Coolent leak-------new twist-----another observation

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I found I had to loosen and move the right (facing the car) deflector to be able to move the rad forward to clear the drain connector past the crossmember-----surprised you can do it w/o doing that.

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I've taken my radiator out enough times now that I can do it in about 10
minutes not counting draining time.  Access for removing the bottom hose is
made easier by removing the four lower rad fasteners, loosing the top two,
and swinging the bottom of the rad forward.  I use a screw-type clamp on the
bottom hose and make sure the screw is oriented so that I can get a
screwdriver on it from below.  To prevent the hose from sticking to the
radiator neck, I smear anti-seize on the inside of the hose.  
Be careful when removing the rad not to allow the corners of the wind
deflector to gouge the fins.  I have made a protector from a couple pieces
of scrap aluminum sheet, and slip those into the lower corners of the rad
before removing or installing it.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC  USA 

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I have done it also on a bj8 with just removing the fan blades, there is
enough clearance on the rad to get the fan bolts out and there was just
enough clearance to get the pump out.

The only difficult bit is that the 4 pump studs act as a cage and you cant
retrieve the pump, I had to lock two nuts on one of the bottom studs to
remove it and then it was ok. (seemed easier than taking rad out (bottom
hose is a pig to get to with the cross member!)

cheers Andy
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