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My original bezel from a BT7 is the same as the replacements you mentioned,
letter on an arc.


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I have begun restoring the heater from my BJ7.  Unfortunately, when I began
leaning up the heater control bezel, I noticed it has a crack in it.  When I
egan looking at replacements, I was surprised to find that the text on all of
hese units was very different from mine.   My bezel has (in horizontal
etters) "PUSH" above the knob on the left and "AIR" below it.  The right knob
ays "PULL TO INCREASE" above and "DEMIST" below.  However, all the
eplacements have (in letters curved above the knobs) "COLD AIR" on the left
nd "AIR FROM HEATER" on the right.  I never noticed this before.  Does anyone
ecognize my old heater bezel?  Was it ever used on a 3000?
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